Preserving the nature today for the generations of tomorrow

The past decades’ excesses have seriously harmed the environment, with globally visible consequences. Also the agriculture has doubtlessly been afflicted, with an always more tropical climate, characterized through scarce but more intense rainfalls, unexpected frost in uncommon regions and partly devastating hail.
For this reason we decided some years ago to pursue an environmentally conscious way. We cultivate our terrain without herbicides and chemical fertilization, while the continuous monitoring of the climatic conditions thanks to modern technology allows us to intervene with maximum precision, following the standards of the integrated production.

With passion we are also following our beehives, that are producing a lot of honey every year, positioned directly in our vineyard. The bee is one of the insects that most loves the environment and with her meticulously work helps also our vines and grapes, preventing the spread of mold and diseases in natural manner. For us the bees are a measurement for the health of our ecosystem, because where the bees are living well, also the humans are living well.

In the cellar we are focusing more and more on environmental sustainability and naturalness. Our photovoltaic site produces green energy and satisfies the biggest part of our energy demand. During vinification we try to keep the sulfite-level as low as possible, for obtaining a good but also genuine product.


Prosecco D.O.C. Millesimato Brut - BIO - Organic Nadal

PROSECCO DOC Millesimato Brut Organic Bio

Pinot Nero - BIO - Organic Nadal

PINOT NERO Organic Bio

Pinot Grigio - BIO - Organic Nadal