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Family passion, between tradition and innovation

Grandfather Mario fell in love with this territory lying on the banks of the Piave river and chose it to start in 1925 the Nadal farm which in the last 40 years, under the direction of his son Valerio, has increasingly specialized in viticulture. Valerio and his wife Diana are now joined by their sons Alberto and Enrico, who have embraced  the rural tradition combining it with environmental sustainability, to defend and safeguard those that have been family places for a century.

The sense of belonging, respect and care for the earth have always been the peculiar ingredients of Nadal wines.

The guiding principle of “know-how” has also been inherited from his grandfather: Like him, the grandchildren consider themselves artisans, and proudly follow the entire production process: from the bunch to the bottle! What has changed over time is the possibility of protecting the environment and enhancing the vineyards thanks to increasingly advanced techniques and knowledge.

The core of everything is the “know-how”, because it is only from the love of people for their places and from the knowledge of the territory that the excellency of wine production can be born. Nadal is a family even before a Company, and the production of wines is a great passion handed down from father to son.



They are not simple values to strive for, but they become concrete elements which are the ingredients used by Nadal in the way of conducting its business, in the specific operational choices and in the investments made.

This is our philosophy that we want to pass it with simplicity and clarity to our customers. Nadal wines are a product of excellence that implies knowledge, skills, places, flavours and narration. There is a lot of effort behind the final product and as often happens where mastery and effort are needed, there is also poetry. Our wines  consist of places, people, landscapes, tastes and traditions and this is what we want to share.