Raboso Frizzante I.G.T.

If you love the original aperitif. In a word: lively.


The harvest of Raboso is the last one. It takes place at the end of September as  this is a late ripening grape. The vinification of the grapes is made with the classic maceration on the skins in order to give the wine an intense red color. The product thus obtained is slightly tannic, of good acidity, with hints of particular red fruits such as cherry and Morello cherry. After malolactic fermentation and a few months’ rest in barrels, the sparkling is carried out with the Charmat method, in order to obtain an excellent sparkling and lively wine, to be drunk young and fresh.

Color: Deep red.

Bouquet: Lively and fruity. In the mouth it recalls red fruits such as blackberry and raspberries.

Taste: Young and lively wine. Excellent balance between softness and acidity with a dry and fruity finish.